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    Cumulative GPA

    How to Use the Cumulative GPA Calculator

    Your cumulative GPA is the score typically used for college applications or entering the workforce. It’s an average of averages, combining all your semester GPAs into a single, overall GPA. Want to figure out yours? Let’s take a look.

    Step-by-Step Tutorial

    Not into videos? Check out the list below to follow along and figure out your cumulative GPA.

    1. Enter your current GPAIn the first field, enter your most recent cumulative GPA along with the corresponding credit hours.
    2. Enter your course nameGive each of your courses a name so that you’ll be able to enter your grades in the proper row (it’ll look nice too).
    3. Enter your course gradeSelect a letter grade for each of your courses from the dropdown. Note, A and A+ both have the value of 4.0.
    4. Enter your course creditsFor each course enter the amount of credit hours you completed during the semester. Don’t forget labs and studios.
    5. Add another course (optional)Taking a heavy course load? Add as many extra classes as you need using the blue “add course” button near the bottom.
    6. Add another semester (optional)If your current GPA doesn’t include all your semesters feel free to create more, and add in the rest of your courses.